Allison Jordan is Owner of Epic Arts & Entertainment Studio in Calumet City, IL. She is the Founder & Soul Player of ALLISON JORDAN EVENTS, LLC , one of the producers & The Beer & Wine Garden Director of the AFRICAN FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS in Chicago (11 years); the largest African - themed Festival in the world, welcoming over 350,000 attendees over 4 days (Labor Day Weekend). She is the Creator of Libations and Laughter, the official kick- off to the African Fest. Associate Producer of the Starz Network series; Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment Stand Up, CEO and Founder of JORDAN MANAGEMENT a talent, literary, and music Brand management and training company representing some of Hollywood's biggest stars for over 27 years. In 2017 Allison joined the team of The 28th Annual Puerto Rican Festival and secured the World Series Chicago Cubs as a Title sponsor; bringing the Official World Series Championship Trophy to hundreds of thousand attendees to experience at Humboldt Park.


As a certified Chef, studying International Cuisine at The Art Institute in Chicago, she won the International NAME THAT SAUCE COMPETITION by Sara Lee Corporation out of 5,000 chefs worldwide, she was inducted into the National Chef Federation and will have her winning sauce part of their international product line for life. She is Founder of Candy Girl, Former owner of Kingpin Eatery Restaurant; Allison is the Project Director for the Barbershop Tour. Founder of Real Men Love; Purple Prom, and Vice President and National Executive Producer of REAL MEN COOK.


Allison brings over 34 years of experience in Promotion, Talent Management Consulting, General Management, Sales, Branding, Marketing and Special Events. She is the Co-founder and Executive Chef for Candy Girl Sweets and Candy Girl Volunteer and Brand Ambassadors. While married to NBA World Champion, Craig Hodges, Allison Jordan (AKA Allison Hodges) was General Manager of the ABL's Chicago Condors, the premiere women's professional basketball league, she was the First African American female to run a professional women’s Sports team and her franchise led in ticket and merchandise sales out of 13 states. Former President of Operations for MAMISI, an international E-Commerce Company founded by actor, Wesley Snipes. Allison has also worked in Literary for William Morris Agency, the worlds Largest Licensed Franchise Talent Agency and as Asst. Special Events Director for the City of Chicago, Casting Associate, and Writer and Production Coordinator for HBO, Johnny Carson Productions, NBC and Fox Network shows.  She with her husband, has also created multi-million dollar brands for Hollywood’s biggest entertainers & corporations, receiving commendations for marketing innovation from both President William J. Clinton & President George W. Bush. Re-branded National Urban League Young Professional seminars with her husband, was responsible for standing-room only panels, & increased overall Urban League conference participation at the Annual National Conference. Allison is currently in pre-production as Producer for the Feature Film: A ROAD TO DAISIES AND DANDELIONS to film in summer 2020 (Check IMDB).




 Liza Anthony is the owner of Epic Arts & Entertainment and the founder and director of N'spire Performing Arts Company. Born and raised in Calumet City, Liza, began her dance journey at the age of 6 with the Johnson’s Studio of Dance. There she trained in ballet, jazz, tap and acrobats where she stayed for 9 years. As an honor’s student in high school, Liza joined the Thornwood poms/dance team where her years of studio experienced would be utilized quickly, giving her a leadership position of junior captain as a Sophomore. 

She was later promoted to captain and was responsible for choreography, maintaining artistic standards and various operational tasks. After graduation, Liza went to modeling school at John Casablanca’s Modeling and Career Center where she learned about the modeling industry and pursued a career in modeling.  Soon after, she attended Columbia College Chicago where she was a dance major. Columbia is where her dance studies intensified with exposure to more art forms including African dance, modern (various techniques), classical ballet and hip hop. She was an active dance major, performing in every student performance night; debuting her own choreography as well as performing in fellow student pieces.  During this time, Liza started her professional career as a dancer for the Chicago Honey Bear Dance Company. In this company, she travelled the country in the song and dance variety show strongly based in jazz dance. Here she was also able to use her modeling skills in various tradeshows, corporate event and parades. She simultaneously, choreographed for local competition cheerleading teams, quickly moving on to teaching and choreographing for various studios and schools including the Saints Youth Network, Cisco’s Music World, CICS Longwood Academy and the Thornwood High School theater departments. She founded her first dance company, Urban Dance Force, with Columbia classmate, Sheena Baskerville in 2002. This company would go on to perform all over the city of Chicago, in fashion shows, nightclubs, corporate/sporting events and expos, as well as internationally in a Curve Cologne dance competition taking the company to Barbados.  While attending various auditions, Liza was hired as a backup dancer for artist such as Drew Sidora, Rene from Rene and Angela, Doug E. Fresh, R&B group, Nexx Level and a host of local Chicago artists.  In 2003, she became the Dance Director of the Calumet Memorial Park District where she stayed for 12 years, teaching and developing lifetime relationships with the families of Calumet City. 

In 2011, she started the park district's first ever performing arts camp with the musical, Annie. The summer performing arts camps to follow would produce The Wiz, The Lion King, The Princess and the Frog and Beauty and the Beast. After the outsourcing of the dance and theater program at the park district, Liza continued her work independently creating the N'spire Performing Arts Company to keep her following engaged with the arts. She has since taught at Michelle Obama School of the Arts, Mohawk Elementary School, Libby Elementary School, the Matteson Community Center, Dolton Park District and the Danspiration Center.   Liza most recently joined forces with Allison Jordan to form Epic Arts and Entertainment to continue to bring performing arts and entertainment industry training to the south suburbs. Liza’s mission is to inspire the youth through performing arts by teaching them the love, the art and the discipline of acting, dancing and music. The legacy of hard work and excellence continues! 


Owners Allison & Liza



We are not just partners, we are sisters. "We have been working together for almost 20 years. Liza was the choreography for my client and sister: Drew Sidora. We always talked about opening this Studio." 



"It is a seamless partnership. She has things in her  wheelhouse and I have things in mine, polar opposite Gifts & Talents, so things get organically completed!"   



 " We will keep expanding programming, giving a space for others to teach and perform and keep listening to the needs of the community we serve. We are preparing for SUMMER register TODAY! 



Why do we have in-house Life Coaches and Family Therapists?

Studies of young children who demonstrate a natural affinity for a certain area of performance are vulnerable to overidentifying with their talent. We want to ensure that our Epic Kids have a healthy growing journey through their artistic ability. 

This early intervention for our young performers can prevent them from becoming socially isolated and for our seasoned and novice adult students, it is an outlet to have a neutral and qualified professional to process any challenges.

Being an Artistically gifted child and adult and being trained at the Level we offer at Epic Arts, we know the career trajectory is leading to stardom and fame. Unlike in many other professions, we must equip them with tools, and healthy options to balance this extraordinaryly rewarding career path  and home life.

Epic Arts's BE WHOLE LIFE COACHING assists EPIC members with finding and utilizing existing internal resources to be more successful at solving future problems or creating a better family and social dynamic in life and in the future.  




Born in the south suburbs of Chicago to 3 -Time NBA World Champion and 3 -Time NBA 3- Point Shooting Champion: Craig Hodges and to his mother, Allison Hodges. Jordan was exposed to World Class athletics very early. His mother was the First African American female to run a professional Women's basketball league (The Chicago Condors, part of the premiere women's basketball league: The ABL).


Jordan is considered APhenom

He has been on a bowling league, a skate board team, golfed since the age of 6, at 8 he was a star football player for the Markham Giants from 9 to 11 years old he was the, number one pinch hitter for the Cardinals Baseball team in Markham Illinois, a top runner for AAU Track, having placed 2nd in State Finals three times and at age 12 was a Martial Artist, competing as an Orange Belt and he was part of USA Boxing from 14 to 17 and from 17 to current, Jordan trains with Nate Jones of The Money Team (TMT) and is assistant coach of his High School Boxing Team: (Crete – Monee High School in Crete, Illinois).


His kind heart and passion to help others led him to dedicate his free time to volunteer and work for many charitable causes. Jordan is the youngest Volunteer Manager in the 28 yearhistory of Real Men Cook and Real Men Charities, and for the last 5 years, a Volunteer for Africa International House, the producers of African festival of The Arts.

 Jordan enrolled at Paul Quinn, A Historical Black University in Dallas, Texas in 2016 and spent a few months in a summer program acquiring early college credits. He is currently enrolled at Prairie State College in Chicago Heights, Illinois  


He continues to stay clear of the world of gangs, drugs and violence. Working with Operation Push and working in the neighborhood garden on the south side of Chicago, exposing the indigent community on cultivation and playing a role in eradicating food desserts. He volunteers for The Greater Chicago Food Depository to raise money and awareness about hunger in America, Jordan is also a great cook, placing 1st place in The Annual; Real Men Cook: Chicken & Chili Cook-Off last year. He recently starred in his first Feature film: RING OF SILENCE ( Available on AMAZON)

SENSEI EUGENE ANTHONY/Self Defense and Martial Arts


Eugene Anthony started his martial arts journey at the age of 10 in a Chicago park district program. 

He was so intrigued by the culture and discipline of martial arts that he continued to train through his teenage years and into adulthood. 

He began his training in Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu at When Worlds Collide in 1994, under the instruction of Grand Master Anthony Muhammad, where he received his purple belt. This is where his passion for teaching began. Eugene was hired to instruct children and adult classes at When Worlds Collide. Shortly after that, Eugene found an interest in the martial arts tournament scene. He began training at T.A.C. Karate, under the instruction of Hanshi Larry Tankson, where he studied the discipline Sho Rin Ryu karate. With hard work and discipline, Eugene earned his black belt in Sho Rin Ryu karate in 2005. While consistently training and competing, Eugene became a decorated martial artist earning multiple grand champions and national titles. He taught karate to children, teens and adults, as well as cardio kickboxing classes and private lessons at T.A.C. through 2006. 

As Eugene continued to evolve as a martial artist, he developed an interest in mixed martial arts and cage fighting. He began training at the Slayers MMA Academy under the instruction of Shihan Eugene Coker, joining the Rebels of Destruction fight team. He won the 145lbs feather weight title for Power Fights Championship and was recently awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to martial arts by Fight Card Entertainment. Sensei Eugene was the head instructor for the Red Dragon Martial Arts Program in Richton Park, from 2016 – 2018, and is now currently instructing at Martial Arts World and Fitness in Lansing.

Eugene is a believer in training in a universal system way of fighting. In 2015, he received his fourth degree in karate. Striving for black belt, Eugene is currently a first degree blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, studying under Master Asu Harvard and Sensei Unique Gathings. He continues to grow, train and give back to the community by conducting self defense seminars and sharing his knowledge of martial arts to anyone that will listen. He believes that martial arts is not just a discipline but a way of life. He credits martial arts for saving his life. Because of this, he dedicates his life to the arts with passion and discipline with hopes of sparking that same life changing fire in future martial artists.

GISELE MORRIS/HR Administrator




Josh received his MFA in Acting from SUNY Binghamton in New York and BA in Theatre with Distinction from the University of Delaware. He has performed in plays and films in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Milwaukee and more. In addition, Josh has been teaching acting privately, at studios and schools, and in workshops around the country for the past 16 years. 

Josh has an extensive background in theatre, having performed at numerous theatres with a variety of companies, including the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, the Organic Theater, Collaboraction, Bailiwick, The Artistic Home, ImprovOlympic, Tinfish Productions, Stage Left Theatre, Mary-Arrchie Theatre, Speaking Ring Theatre, Stockyards, Point of Contention, Theatre Alliance at Chicago Dramatists, Writers’ Block at the Theatre Building, Symposium at National Pastime Theater, Theatre Q, and more. 






Evan N.J Wade is a 21 years old An abstract artist that can draw the human imagination. Specializes in drawing, graphic design, oil/acrylic painting, and color  theory.

DERRICK MILLER: Stepping & Line Dancing Instructor


In 2012  Derrick Miller started teaching classes on Steppin and Line Dancing, this was a challenge that he had been kicking around in in his head for years. It had also been Miller's desire "to" make a difference in his community, by showing the cultural diversity through the spirit of dancing.

After extensive research of the "Black Wall Street" phenomenon dating back in the early 1900's. An African American community of approximately 10,000 residents, created a thriving marketplace with their own dollars, utilizing referral systems and bartering programs. Miller was astonished at the economic success that this community had developed. Within a short time, using their gifts, talents and ingenuity they had established hotels, banks, schools, café's, doctor's offices, movie theatres, restaurants and transportation services, just to name a few. Unfortunately, due to the injustice of racism, that thriving metropolis was obliterated within a matter of hours. Almost a century later, the African American community still suffers from its aftermath.

The project that Miller created in 2012 lends to the restoration of Black Wall Street, “one step at a time”. However, after much soul searching, he took his vision a bit further. As Founder and CEO of Order My Steps Steppers, it is his desire to rebuild the economy of any and "ALL" impoverished communities. His goal is to share information regarding this life changing vision and continue a legacy that was founded right here in Chicago. So for more information, please contact the executive management team at Epic Arts and Entertainment.